Monday, November 9, 2009

Waterworlds Studio X

Forms of simultaneous unity and disunity:

As the second year studio at DIA expands into a full year, Studio X takes the opportunity to explore deeper and formally more abstract topics, within the Algorithmic Design agenda.

This year's agenda is to examine unified and continuous compositions as a starting point, establish rules and geometrical controls, while later concentrating more diversified system compositions that propose radical shifts, breaks and discontinuities within the established framework. we are looking to discover a world perfection, beyond the suffocation of prediction and patterned growth, we seek the suprising, we seek moments of "free-ness"; those instances where unity becomes discontinuous and separated-ness becomes a continuous to unify.

The students are asked to select a site in the sea or the ocean and define a brief for a floating city or habitation or facility that allows them a range of options in establishing a meaningful organization for their architectural experimentations;

The studio is complemented by workshops and seminars on Cybernetics, scripting and rendering techniques.

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XTOS has been a Senior Designer at Zaha Hadid Architects since February 1998. He was Project Architect for numerous projects and winning competitions, including most notably the Sterling Prize nominee, the Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg, completed in November 2005. Education Christos studied and gained his professional degree at the School of Architecture of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY in 1995, as a Fulbright Scholar. Subsequently, he continued with his postgraduate studies in the field of Advanced Architectural Design at the Architectural Association, London, where he received his Graduate Design Diploma in 1998. Work XTOS led the design in various competition entries for the Practice, including: Holloway Road Pedestrian Bridge (1999) –1st prize- Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg (2000-2006). He has also lead the competition designs for Connecticut Science and Exploration Center in Hartford, CT (2004), S.C. Johnson Wax Project Honor (2005) a prestigious extension to F.L. Wright’s campus, Eleftheria Square redesign, Nicosia, Cyprus-1st prize (2005) and Miami Science museum- 2nd prize (2006).